Verhuur en verkoop van professionele chocolade fonteinen



20/01/2012:  Chocolate fountain this Valentine


Love Chocolates? Who doesn’t. A variety of chocolates transformed into a chocolate lover’s paradise with the third annual “Chocolate Trail” exhibition. It’s happening in the Harbor City in Tsim Sha Tsui untill 19th February 2012.

They are designed with love and the sizes are as imaginary you can think of. So Chocoholics, what else do you want a complete building for you. A five-meter tall chocolate fountain, complete with syrup oozing from the top with a rich chocolate scent awaits, along with a colorful macaron tree and jumbo-sized desserts like cupcakes and donuts scattered around the mall.

And do you know the reason? It’s Love. As Valentine day is celebrated on a high note in here, so the celebration has to be big. Get your loved ones what they want but something like this can be only found here

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